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November 2021
Puppies expected
Ch Wata Hatch Red Chili Pepper JH CGC
Ch Knappoque Beryl Markham JH

GCH Auburn's Dashing Dexter takes two breeds at Bryn Mawr and a group 2 and group 1.
March 2018
Leroy Ranger succumbs to hemangiosarcoma.  We will miss him. Rest in Peace sweet boy.
GCH Auburn's Dashing Dexter wins the Keystone Vizsla Club Specialty and the Conestoga Vizsla Club Specialty and a Sporting Group 1.
February 2018
February was filled with good news and also some sad news. 
Beautiful Sunny Crea traveled over the Rainbow Bridge.  He was loved and adored by Tim and Rosa Crea.  May Sunny Rest in Peace.

Dexter shines in February!
Award of Merit-February 10,2018 Long Island Vizsla Club
Best of Breed-February 11,2018 Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club
Best of Opposite Sex-February 13, 2018 Westminster Kennel Club

May 2017
Ch Auburn's Dashing Dexter is  now a Grand Champion.   In May he  earned two Group 3's and a Group 2!

March 26, 2017
Quimby x Brock babies-21 days old

March 5 2017
Quimby x Brock puppies arrive in grand style.  Four girls and two boys. 

Quimby and Brock pups at day 1

November 2016
Auburn's Harriet Quimby earns an Honorable Mention at the Flint Hill Hunt Club annual field trial.  Jack McNamara did the handling.

October 2016
Auburn Vizslas Reunion Party at the home of Ted and Nadia Rosen.  Six littermates from the Kerry X Sammy litter and their owners had a wonderful day in Andreas, Pennsylvania.  Grandma Rosie was there, too.

June 2016
Dexter earns an two Awards of Merit, a BOS and a select dog at the Specialties weekend-Taconic, Greenwich, and Longshore-Southport!
May 2016
Auburn's Harriet Quimby earns her first points at the VCNNJ Supported Entry held in conjunction with the Plainfield Kennel Club show.
Ch Auburn's Dashing Dexter earns an Award of Merit at the Vizsla Club of America National Events in Kansas.  Dex is owned by Kate Morris and Larry Berg

April 2016

Auburn's Harriet Quimby is now a Junior Hunter!  Quimby is owned by Jack and Ann McNamara and qualified with four straight passes!

Auburns Wolfgang von Kaiser owned by Eric Baumgarten earns his first senior hunter pass at the VCGNY hunt test on April 16th.

We are off to a great start in 2016.  Ch Auburn's Dashing Dexter earns an Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club.  Dex is owned by Kate Morris and Larry Berg.
Dex wkc

Auburn's Harriet Quimby (Kerry x Sammy)owned by Jack and Ann McNamara earns 3 junior hunter passes in a row.  Quimby is handled by Jack and needs one more pass to complete her title.
Auburn's Ode to Claire and Ch Elgin Dorratz MHX,UDX pups-one week old-2 girls and 2 boys!

Auburn's Dashing Dexter formerly known as Chunky Monkey
(Ch Starfire's the Red Rocker x Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry MH) finished his championship in six shows with two BOB's a BOS, a four point major and BOW, and a 5 point major and BOW at the Vizsla Club of Greater NY specialty on June 5th.  Dexter is owned by Kate Morris and co breeder Larry Berg. He is now called Ch Auburn's Dashing Dexter.

Kerry is now Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry MH.  She completed her master hunter title at the Eastern German Shorthair Pointer Club test on 4/19/15.
Ch Auburn's DevonSunrise Tribute aka Honor owned by Lynn and David Fass completes her Grand Championship! 


Kerry earns her fourth master pass at the LI German Shorthaired Pointer hunt test.

Quimby MacNamara at age 5 months
Auburn's Ode to Claire JH aka Bailey earns her fourth senior hunt pass. Our new Senior Hunter!

Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry SH earns her third master hunter pass.  Two more to go!
Judges Lori Smith and Dave Molyneaux with Kerry getting her third master pass

Keevah comes to the English Setter Club for her first bird experience.

Brady, Ava, and Sunny experienced their first quail at a training day at Burjans Vizsla Kennel


Auburn's Ode to Claire JH lovingly known as Bailey earns under first Senior Hunter Pass guided by Lisa Price.

Auburn's Wolfgang Von Kaiser owned by Eric Baumgarten scored a first place in Pheasant's Forever Gun Dog Trial in Pennsylvania.   The event was held at DeCoverly Kennels in Lake Winola.  Wolfgang bested sixteen dogs to secure a first place closely followed by BK's Crystal Blue owned by Heidi Scripture and Lynn Berezny who earned a second place.  Both dog are now eligible to compete for the state championship in September.  The competition included Pointers, English Setters, and Spinoni's.

Auburn's William's Guiding Star  (aka Joey) completed his Junior Hunter title with four straight passes and is a new Junior Hunter.

Jack earns is fourth consecutive pass at LI Pointing Dog Field Trial Clug and is a new Junior Hunter.
Kerry earns her second Master Hunter pass at the Eastern German Shorthair Pointer Club hunt tests.
Kerry earns her first Master Hunter pass at the Schuylkill Valley German Shorthair Pointer Club hunt tests.

Auburn's Belle of Brimstone JH goes BOW on the Wine Country Circuit.  She needs a major to finish.
Jack Duggan earns his third junior hunter pass at the Sleepy Hollow GSP Hunt test.  One more to go!
Auburn's Devon Sunrise Tribute  known as Honor steps in the specials ring and garners two BOB's toward her grand championship.  She also was BOS at the CVC's specialty in Maryland and earned a select award at CVC's supported entry.  Way to go, Honor!
Auburn's Wild Colonial Boy known as Jack Duggan travels to Pennsylvania and receives two Junior Hunter qualifying scores at the Del Val GWP Hunt tests.

It is with great sadness that we say good bye to Auburn's Czardas Celebration affectionately known as Jessie.  Jessie died at the age of 15 years, 6 months, and 1 day.  She is the last of the wonderful litter of Konnor-Ramsey pups and she lived a long and glorious life.  
Auburn's Murphy Seamus O'Grady  captures two BOB's at the huge Harrisburg shows.
Auburn's Devon Sunrise Tribute aka Honor finishes her championship in style with a four point major at the Harrisburg shows.
On to the field wins this weekend-Auburn's William's Guiding Star (Joey) earns two Junior Hunter passes and Anderson N Auburns Solo Shot (Jody) earns a Junior Hunter pass at the VCGNY Hunt tests.
Joey and Judges Brian Rolison and Frank Luksa
Jack Duggan earns another fourth place at the VCNNJ Field trial in the amateur walking puppy stake.
Jack Duggan enters his first field trial and earns fourth place in the Amateur Walking Puppy Stake at the VCGNY Field Trial.
Lastest breed win photo of GCH Murphy Seamus O'Grady JH
Auburn's Lightning Bolt JH
Another new title for the Auburn Family.  Auburn's Belle of Brimstone owned by Mike and Nancy Kaproth is now a Junior Hunter! Way to go Belle. Belle completed her titled at the Schuykill Valley GSP tests.
Two new titles this weekend for the Auburn Family--Auburn's Red Rustler CDX JH (aka Rus) owned by Bill and Pat Garneau earns his Senior Hunter title at the VCGNY hunt test weekend.  Auburn's Lightning Bolt (aka Bolt) owned by Bill and Sue Day completes the requirements for her Junior Hunter title.  Way to go!!!!
Auburn's Red Rustler CDX JH (aka Rus)earns his third Senior Hunter pass at the Hudson English Setter Hunt test with high scores!
Auburn's Lightening Bolt earns two JH passes at the Anthracite Brittany Club's hunt tests.
Auburn's Wild Colonial Boy (aka Jack Duggan) graduates from puppy kindergarten along with his brother, Clyde.
Ch Auburn's Rosie's Morningstar MH CHC (aka Ryan)  earns an Award of Merit at the VCGNY specialty show with Pete handling her.
Auburn's Ode to Claire aka Bailey graduates from obedience school.  Picture is on the Candid Shots page.
After almost eight weeks of playing, growing, eating, and learning how to be Vizslas Ryan and Solo's pups go to their new homes.  We welcome Joey, Clyde, Leroy Ranger, Jack, and Jody into the Auburn family.  Roxie's earth parents will be here this Thursday to meet her.
Murphy takes three BOB's in a row and earns a Group 3 to end the Memorial Day weekend in style!
 May 6-Ryan and Solo pups are born. Four boys and two girls.
Auburn's Devon Sunrise's Tribute aka Honor receives a third place in her sweeps class at the VCA Nationals and repeats the win in the regular classes.

April 22-Kerry completes the requirements for her senior hunter title.  She is now Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry SH CGC.
April 21- Kerry and Rus earn senior hunter passes at the Eastern German Shorthair Pointer Club hunt tests. At Old Dominion Kennel Club show in Timonium, MD  GCH Murphy takes another BOB
April 14-Kerry and Rus earn Senior hunter passes at the VCGNY hunt test.
April 8-Murphy takes another BOB at Piedmont Kennel Club in NC and Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry JH CGC earns her first senior hunter pass at the Pointer Club of Central NJ hunt test.
April 7- Murphy takes another BOB at Piedmont Kennel Club
Auburn's Devon Sunrise's Tribute (Honor) goes WB, BOW again in NC and  GCh Auburn's Murphy Seamus O'Grady JH wins BOB 3 times in NC. In NY  Auburn's Belle of Brimstone goes WB BOW in Syracuse.  A great weekend!
Auburn's DevonSunrises's Tribute aka Honor takes a 3 point major in her first show in the open class and GCh Auburn's Murphy Seamus O'Grady JH takes BOB two days in a row at the shows in SC.
Auburn's Belle Of Brimstone adds another point in her championship quest by going WB,BOW,BOS on the Syracuse circuit.
Bailey completes her JH title in four straight passes!  Thanks to the Nutmeg Weimaraner Club for making it possible.
Add two more to Bailey's JH passes.  She now has 3 in a row!
Auburn's Ode to Claire (Bailey) earns another JH pass at the Del Val GWP hunt test.
Auburn DevonSunrise Tribute (Honor) goes WB, BOW in her first show.
Auburn's Ode to Claire (Bailey) earns her first Junior Hunter pass.
Auburn's Belle of Brimstone enters two VCGNY hunt tests and earns two qualifying Junior Hunter passes.
Auburn's Belle of Brimstone earns her first major and goes BOS on the Wine Country Circuit.
Konnor's sire, DCH/Ch Behi's Red Chief is voted into the Vizsla Club of America Hall of Fame!
Honor aka Auburn's Devonsunrise Tribute earns a Sporting Group 2 and Sporting Group 3 at the Carolina Kennel Club Beginner Puppy show.
Kerry earns two grandchampionship points
Ch Avalons Classic Alliance JH NA RN CD aka Teagan is now a Canadian Champion. Teagan completed his championship by going WD at the Canadian National Specialty.
Murphy completes his Grand Championship in style with five majors.
Kerry is awarded 4  points  towards her Grand Championship at the VCGNY supported entry at Taconic Hills Kennel Club.  Kerry kept her cool although it was almost 100 degrees!  
Auburn's Belle of Brimstone comes south for the weekend and is WB and BOS both days at Huntingdon Kennel Club.  Yeah Belle!
Ryan completes her Master Hunter title in fine style at the Del Val GWP hunt test in Pennsylvania.  She is now the fourth generation Master Hunter at our house!
Auburn's Wonderful Wilbur celebrated his 15th birthday on May 11th.  Happy Birthday, youngster!  Wilbur is the remaining pup from Konnor's first litter.  Thanks to Danille Swick for her loving care of this boy.
Murphy adds CGC to his list of accomplishments!
Ch Auburn's Rosie's Morningstar SH (Ryan ) leaves motherhood behind and earns another Master Hunter pass!   One more to go.
Murphy garners several more BOB's and is nearing Grand Championship status.
Auburn's Belle of Brimstone makes her show debut at the Salt City Cluster and earns WB and BOS in her first show.
Auburn's Red Rustler JH is now the proud holder of a CDX title.  Congratulations to Pat Garneau on this outstanding achievement!
Puppies from Ryan  and Teagan due February 20th.  The February Five arrived two days early. Four girls and one boy!
Ryan  and Teagan have been bred!
Ryan  enters a 16 dog Amateur Gun Dog Stake at the Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club field trial and comes home with a third place yellow rosette.
Murphy completes his Junior Hunter Title.
Ryan  earns her third Master Hunt pass at the Del Val GWP Club Hunt test.
Auburn Vizslas is recognized as a Breeder of Merit by the American Kennel Club.
At the Schuylkill German Shorthair Pointer Club Hunt Test on 10/16/10 Ryan earns another Master Hunter Pass.
At the VCGNY Specialty on September 12th, Rosie was the winner of the veteran bitch class. Rosie also won the 7-9 year old class in veteran sweeps.
At the Eastern GSP education day in Hackettstown, NJ, Rosie , Ryan , and Kerry all received their Canine Good Citizen titles.  Three for three!
Murphy completes his championship (8-7-10) at the Roanoke KC Show in Virginia. Many thanks to Ania and Rachel for showing this boy!
Murphy earns another major at the Howard County   Shows in Maryland.  Our thanks to Rachel and Ania.
Kerry completes her championship quest by earning a four point major at the Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Supported  Entry at the Longshore-Southport Kennel Club show.   She is now known as Ch Auburn's Ring of Kerry JH.
Kerry  goes WB and BOW at Ladies Kennel Association dog show on Long Island.
Murphy grabs a three point major at the Old Dominion KC show.
Ryan earns her first Master Hunter qualifying score at the Eastern GSP Club hunt test.
Kerry gains more points toward her championship as she goes WB, BOS at Rockland County Kennel Club on 2/27/10 and WB, BOW,BOS at Rockland County Kennel Club on 2/2810.
Kerry goes winner's bitch again and best of winners for another point at Worcester KC on November 29.
Kerry goes winner's bitch at the Worcester KC show on November 28 and adds another point to her championship quest.
 Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty held in Charlotte, NC.  Kerry receives a red rosette in a large open bitch class and Murphy earns a blue rosette in the 15-18 month dog class.
Vizsla Club of America Nationals held in Charlotte, NC. Kerry receives a 3rd in the 15-18 month bitch class in sweeps.  Her brother, Murphy earns a fourth place in the 15-18month dog class.
Ryan   completes her Senior Hunter Title at Schukyll Valley GSP Hunt Test.
September 6-Kerry is awarded winners bitch and Best of Winners at the Vizsla Club of Greater NY specialty held in conjunction with Westchester Kennel Club. Ryan wins the Field Trial Bitch class and makes the final cut.
We took a road trip to Canada and attended the Oxford County Kennel Club shows and the Vizsla Canada Nationals. Kerry was Best Vizsla Puppy at two shows including the Vizsla Canada Supported Entry and went Best of Opposite in the Vizsla Canada sweeps.
June 5-Kerry wins Best Vizsla Puppy at the VCGNY supported entry held in conjunction with Taconic Hills KC under breeder judge Diane Shearer.
May 23-Ryan earns another Senior Hunter pass at Del-Val GWP  Club.
May 3-Kerry goes WinnersBitch/Best of Winners at Trenton KC under judge Sharon Lyons.
April 26-Auburn's Ring of Kerry completes her junior hunter title in four straight passes at the Eastern GSP hunt test. Ryan  earns her second senior hunter pass at the same event.
April 25-Kerry gets her third junior hunter pass at the the Eastern GSP hunt test.
April 12-Kerrycomes home with a second place rosette in the amateur walking puppy stake at the VCGNY field trial.
March 28-29-Kerry earns two junior hunter passes and Ryan  earns her first senior hunter pass at the Vizsla Club of Greater NY hunt tests.
March 13-Kerry goes WinnersBitch/Best Of Winners at New Brunswick KC under Dr Sturz.



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