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Through the Years
Ch Brylynn's Viking Valkyrie 1983
Kinzee and Kyrie 1983-age 5 months
Ch Coffee's Moonstone Ramsey MH VC ROM UDX 1996
(Sire of Claire, Sunny Boy, Re, Ira, Jesse)
Grace Ann and Konnor 1995
                        Konnor   (age 12)   2005                                                       Claire 2007
                    Rosie, Claire, Konnor   2005                                                  Gandy (age 13 1/2) 2007
         Pete, Florence, John Frayne  2001                             Anne Denehy, Lois and Tony Smid 1990?
        Konnor   1999                                            Fred Puig  1991                                            Fred Hachtel, Claire, Florence 2000
             Eric and Kaiser 1998                                                      Florence and Casey 2004                            Wendy 1984
      Wendy and Marty 1976                                          Pete and Gipper 1991                                                  Gunners Pete Duggan and Jeff Ellis
  Wendy and Ready 1981                                     Tony Smid, Florence, Gordon Maxfield 1990                              Florence and Casey 2004
   Tracey and MacGregor                         Wendy and Grace Ann and Gipper 1995                             Auburn's Brandy (RIP) and Ahnna 2011



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